Rare Y brown

Luxurious model of Bosky shoes sandal with leather straps from natural undyed leather.

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Do you look for the sandals that have more formal look but at the same time maintain all the functional potential?
Rare Y is here!

Rare Y brown is a sandal for natural walking in the natural color of tanned leather, which gets a beautiful original patina by wearing it. The straps darken under the influence of light and wearing, the edges get polished. Your footprint will be printed on the insole. If you like classic leather products, these are the sandals for you!

For its production we use a proven Vibram sole, which adapts peffectly to the foot, has a zero drop and pleasant properties even on hard surfaces. Glued leather straps are made of traditional tanned VEG-TAN leather and hold the shape beautifully. Thanks to their ductility it also adapt very quickly to a specific foot. So that you won't even know about them after a while of wearing them.

A fine, foot-friendly polyester strap is used between the toes. Rivet with the Bosky logo is securing the joint of straps, so you don't have to worry about gluing failing in these exposed areas. The straps are anchored in the sole with original metal components.

Adjusting Rare sandals is very easy. Just put together the straps of the heel strap properly, tighten the instep-strap and the sandals are ready to wear. Quality velcro is practical, functional and there is no danger that it will stop sticking.

Although the construction of the sandal does not have a pre-shaped sole, as is the case with more sporty Bosky shoes models, the foot holds very stably between the side straps. The absence of pre-shaping in this model makes the sandal a little more flexible and pleasant, even with a slightly thicker sole.

The VEG-TAN leather used for the straps production is in a natural undyed color. This means that it creates a natural patina faster and is much more pronounced. Changing the color of the tapes and adapting them to the foot is a natural and valued phenomenon in this material. If you are bothered by these changes, which will naturally arise in the appearance of the sandal, we recommend choosing a sandal in a black leather variant. It behaves the same, but due to the fact that the skin is colored, you won't notice any change of color.

Brand name: Bosky shoes
Category: Rare
? Weight: 116 g
? Thickness: 9,5 mm / 11,5 mm
? Sole Color/Material: black/rubber
? Insole Color/Material: light brown/leather
? Straps Color/Material: light brown/leather
Straps Anchoring: between toes
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