Rare X black

Bosky shoes model with the strap over the toes in elegant leather design.

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Leather straps over the toes joints, easy and quick velcro adjustment, Fine leather insole and new super durable Enduro grip sole with a perfect barefoot feeling. These are the main advantages of the new luxury sandal Rare X.


The sole has three layers but still maintains great flexibility. The sandal is very comfortable, the small pre-forming makes it fit perfectly on the foot. The sole excells in terrain, but with Rare X model you will rather appreciate its high durability when worn on hard surfaces and in urban environment. However, if you prefer walks/runs in teh nature, we would recomment choosing Enduro 2.0 X.

Adjustment of the sandal is very quick and easy with the velcro straps. All straps are fully adjustable.So the sandal will fit perfectly on your foot.

Natural leather straps have an exceptional ability to adapt to the shape of a particular foot. Also the edges of the straps will quickly round up and adapt to your feet. Leather strap due to its material nature would get more stressed by frequent soaking, if you know this would be your case, we recommend choosing rather more sporty models.


Brand name: Bosky shoes
Category: Rare
? Weight: 170 g
Thickness: 9 mm
? Sole Color/Material: black/rubber
Insole Color/Material: grey-black/leather
Straps Color/Material: black/leather
Straps Anchoring: over toes
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