Performance black and white Y-tech 2023

Bare foot 2.0   

A model from the premium Performance series.

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The Performance series embodies the best that Bosky can offer for movement in challenging terrain.

The combination of an open, airy shoe with a binding that literally sticks the sole to the foot. The grip and protenction of the foot is great, at the same time, it does not lose its excellent feel for the surface and terrain.

Sandals from the Performance series are perfect choice for fording a wild mountain stream but they can do great job also while wearing them in the city. The more robust type of binding gets along well with thicker soles, which makes this combination also more comfortable.

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Brand name: Bosky shoes
Category: Performance
Weight: 185 g
Thickness: 8 mm
? Sole Color/Material: black/rubber
Insole Color/Material: black/EVA
Straps Color/Material: black/PAD
Straps Anchoring: Y-tech (between toes)
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