Enduro 2.0 Y slim

A new generation of the popular Bosky model. The thinnest variant shows what the new Enduro grip sole can do in all its beauty.


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Enduro slim is the thinnest, and therefore the "most barefoot" sandal from the new Enduro 2.0 series.


The foam insole is minimized to the thinnest acceptable layer so that the sandal remains comfortable. The sole has certain shock-absorption capacity but still fully adapts to the terrain.

The artificial insole is practical, non-slippery and easy to maintain. With its thickness of just slightly over 2 millimetres only minimally limits the overall flexibility of the sole.

The foot will have to work in this sandal, and it won't rest much. But that is what it is all about for the true barefoot enthusiast.


More about new Enduro grip sole

Years of production, wearing and testing of our sandals have defined the requirements for an ideal, maximally versatile sandal that will satisfy the wishes of each of us Bosky wearers. These requirements materialized into the development of Bosky own Enduro grip sole, which combines several premium features of our sandals.

Sandals built on this sole excel in its durability (as previous Enduro models did), the long life of the sole is even more prolonged thanks to the organic placement of larger tread blocks in the tread design. This guarantees not only higher durability but also perfect grip on smooth surfaces while maintaining the low weight of the sandal. In less stressed areas, the tread pattern is airier, the blocks of the tread are smaller, which not only saves weight, but also increases the functionality of the tread on softer surfaces.

Another great advantage of this type of sole is the strengthening of sole in the places where the straps are attached, and the better embedding of the toes plug.

Thanks to the organic design of the tread pattern that creates small separate blocks on a relatively thin rubber base, the sole has an exceptional softness and flexibility. You will appreciate these characteristics especially on the thinnest models, but even the medium thickness models behave very vividly under the foot.

The icing on the cake of the benefits of this sole is the preforming. Preforming has so far been a feature of only Bosky models with a lightweight Vibram soles. The Enduro grip has taken over its shape from these previous models which had the ability to be pre-formed into a cup-shaped form. The pre-shaping into a cup-shape is not large and the sandal still flattens a bit when worn, but it is enough to make wearing more comfortable. This ensures that the sandals fit you right from the start and they hold their shape.

The rubber compound of the sole material is the same as in the previous Enduro models and provides an ideal ratio between grip and high abrasion resistance. But thanks to the innovative and optimized design of the tread pattern it has a perfect grip.

Information and templates for choosing the right size can be found at https://www.boskyshoes.com/en/size-selection/https://www.boskyshoes.com/en/size-selection/

This model can be customized, please state your requirements in the note while ordering.

Brand name: Bosky shoes
Category: Enduro
? Weight: 145 g
Thickness: 7,5 mm
? Sole Color/Material: black/rubber
Insole Color/Material: black/EVA
Straps Color/Material: black/100% polyester
Straps Anchoring: between toes
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