Model Light with an artificial insole is a full-fledged representative of outdoor minimalist sandals.

It is suitable for all demanding uses, where you will use greater foot protection in combination with a very low weight.

Thanks to the artificial insole, it can withstand dirt, mud, water and will dry again very quickly after soaking.

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As a thicker variant compared to the Superlight and Bare models, Light sandals are an alternative if you need more protection and a coarser pattern.

The thicker soles are still extremely light and will perfectly adapt to the feet. Therefore, Light version is suitable wherever you need a light sandal, which will, at the same time, protect you from rough terrain and provide a greater grip in it.


Better shock absorption.

After first few uses, sandals will perfectly adapt to the foot, so they are very comfortable to run and are great as transition shoes from classic "non-barefoot" shoes to the truly barefoot.

Information and templates for choosing the right size can be found at

Brand name: Bosky shoes
Category: Light
? Weight: 106 g
Thickness: 11 mm
? Sole Color/Material: black/rubber
? Insole Color/Material: black/EVA
Straps Color/Material: black/100% polyester
Straps Anchoring: between toes
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