Enduro 9 mm

Medium thickness of the durable Enduro model

Do you search for a very sensitive sandal for more demanding use, but 12 mm already seems too much to you? 9 mm is still a very barefoot sandal, but it already provides a little more protection compared to the thinnest 6.5 mm model.

In Enduro 9 mm you will appreciate the slightly softer tread and also, above all, the fact that the sandal will hold its shape better when moving faster, so you can easily use them on your runs in nature.

We also recommend this thickness for people with biger sizes (EU 45 and bigger), because a thicker sandal will then hold its shape better.

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Durable and flexible
The Enduro model shape itself by your feet only partly, unlike the other models, but it will pleasantly surprise you with the durability of the sole. Plus the sole still maintains the excellent flexibility and sensitivity.

If you need an aggressive sandal for use in challenging natural terrain, you should reach for Enduro. It will withstand abrasive urban surfaces just as well.

Especially suitable for those who plan to use the sandals in rough terrain and all the time. This type of sandal is also the best choice for taller individuals.

Information and templates for choosing the right size can be found at https://www.boskyshoes.com/en/size-selection/


Brand name: Bosky shoes
Category: Enduro
? Hmotnost: 129 g
Tloušťka: 9 mm
Barva/materiál podešve: černá/pryž
? Barva/materiál stélky: černá/EVA
Barva/materiál popruhů: černá/100% polyester
Typ upnutí popruhů: mezi prsty