Bare Black

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€65 –40 %

Beautiful and elegant, that is Bare black.

Model with a natural leather (suede) insole with fine hair, black straps and a decent label will delight the eye of every barefoot player - a minimalist.

€65 –40 % €39
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Sandal designed as a maximally "barefoot" variant.


Comfortable sole is the same as for the Superlight model, but complemented only by natural leather. This combination gives the shoe greater flexibility and softness, it absorbs sweat well and after first few uses you will get truly barefoot feeling.

The sandals of the Bare series excel above all in softness, which makes them highly comfortable. If you are looking for an alternative with a thin sole, but your are more into endurance and rougher handling, the thinnest version of Enduro sandals or the more versatile / outdoor version of Superlight will probably be more suitable for you.

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Brand name: Bosky shoes
Category: Bare
? Hmotnost: 76 g
Tloušťka: 6,5 mm
Barva/materiál stélky: černošedá/useň
? Barva/materiál podešve: černá/syntetická pryž
Barva/materiál popruhů: černá/100% polyester
Typ upnutí popruhů: mezi prsty